The Wizard of Kharathad by Matia ben Ephraim
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The Wizard of Kharathad front cover               Herein begins the epic saga of a young farmer that is more than he seems, on his way to becoming an altruistic itinerant wizard - for whom Fate has a great many further plans. From the sheltering familiarity of his quiet rustic hometown, Dogalas decides to embark upon a Journey of his own making, to see the world and help those in it. Initially must come his semizard training, as an apprentice of the wizard outside Kharathad, as many local lads before him had been; though at first it seems to be long and tedious, it is a necessary step on the road to contacting the power within. He quickly learns that working magic is not an easy task, and much of the time, one must just get by on the virtue of the heart.
              Upon graduation, he roams where the Journey takes him, through foreign lands magical and desolate, gaining friends and encountering perils - understanding more about himself, his ever-developing abilities, and the world he lives in, while travelling the path of discovery.
              As he gets caught up in local crises, stumbles upon mythical creatures, and becomes involved in plots greater than he ever would have suspected, it becomes clear the importance of duty, honesty, and above all, listening to the inner voice of your intuition.

              The Wizard of Kharathad takes a novel approach to many subjects, emphasizing realistic detail, including even the long stretches of uneventful time that actual life holds, so as to communicate the experiences personally, and advocating harmony over havoc. It shows that a story can be interesting without utilizing implausibly excessive conflict or insincere overdramatization, instead achieving the intended effect with the simple art of contrast. It is a mild and pleasantly therapeutic tale, though not without its own high points, leaving the reader satisfied at the end rather than more unsettled and anxious than before. By staying for the most part within the protagonist's consciousness, and keeping the progression of events chronological and linearly oblivious right up to the moment where they change, you have no idea what's coming next!

"If you like epic fantasy in the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings,
then do I have a book and writer for you."

                                                                                                                                - Ray Simmons       (see full review)

"T.W.O.K. is particularly exceptional in that it
doesn't grip you by the throat - instead, it takes you by the hand."

The Wizard of Kharathad                                            Under the designation header 'Tales of Dogalas'
Book 1 of the T.W.O.K. Series                                      Prequelled by The Chronicles of Kharathad - Roots
Date of release: Saturday, January 24, 2015                    Sequelled by It's A Wizard's World (etc.)
51\2" x 81\2" trade paperback
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774 pages (numbered pages end on 757)
311\2 chapters
350,000 words (2,000,000 characters) approx.
Rated 5 stars by Readers' Favorite review site

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