The Wizard of Kharathad by Matia ben Ephraim

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From the back cover:
Magic. Learning it isn't as easy as it sounds. But when petitioning the local Wizard for an
apprenticeship is the most popular practice among the other lads in the farming town of
Kharathad, how can young Dogalas not be curious?
At the end of his training comes the mandatory yearlong Journey of altruism in search of a new
town to call home, and all too soon he's on his own in a world inhabited by dragons, bandits,
trolls, and demons known as warlocks, who can use black magic to steal the life force of
others, and who are making an unnatural comeback from their incorporeal realm of phantoms and
Only his inner strength and nobility will enable him to face these challenges, and as he
delves further into the secrets of his past, the mysteries of his future, and who he's
destined to be, he must maintain the zardor enough to still find the magic within.


The Wizard of Kharathad                                            Under the designation header 'Tales of Dogalas'
Book 1 of the T.W.O.K. Series                                      Prequelled by The Chronicles of Kharathad - Roots
Date of release: Monday, July 17, 2017                          Sequelled by It's A Wizard's World (etc.)
6" x 9" case laminate hardcover
1090 pages (numbered pages end on 1065)
81 chapters (and a prologue)
350,000 words (2,000,000 characters) approx.
Cover design by Hampton Lamoureux