Author's Satisfaction Guarantee!

Here's the deal. You buy a copy of The Wizard of Kharathad, read the whole thing, and if you really don't like it by the time you're done, I'll give you a full refund of the purchase price! Just return-ship your hard copy to the designated address supplied when you send me an email at explaining your complaints (and providing a random trivia fact from the book to prove you actually did read through it all).

As the one who wrote it, I can assure that it is of fairly high quality; a clean and calm story consisting of simple understandability interspersed with occasional patches of more elaborate prose. There is no profanity in it (other than the harmless expletives created for certain cultures), and very little violence or gore, nor anything explicit or disturbing. The suggested age range for readers is 10+, but depending on the individual's precocity, it could go as young as 8. The ideal target audience is between 15 - 25, however, as it is still a mature tale, and very much NOT a children's book. At the very least, it's entertaining, and just as good as any other generic fantasy. Though I won't make any unanimous claims to blanket-applicability excellence, I suspect you'll come to appreciate its worthiness once you see all the unique elements it has to offer.

And on the other hand, everybody who's read it says it's great!