The Chronicles of Kharathad - ROOTS by Matia ben Ephraim
First Edition                   Second Edition                            Readers' Favorite 5 stars     
Roots cover
A glimpse into the past of Dogalas' childhood in Kharathad,
 where he grows from a carefree boy by his best friend's side
 to a responsible young man learning to tend the land, and
 unwittingly comes close to unearthing the secret location of his true roots.

From the back cover:
In the small rural town of Kharathad was a boy named Dogalas, raised by a farmer and his wife
on a familiar-filled homestead.
Few know he has the seed of greatness inside him, which begins to show when he exhibits signs
of his altruistic nature, inherent intuition, and budding leadership skills.
Trace the roots to his future destiny through this window into the past, as he grows to become
the man he was meant to be. Will he ever unearth more than just weeds, and is the world he
lives in truly a magic one?
During the defining moments of his childhood is where the story of this hero really begins....

Prequel to The Wizard of Kharathad

"The author weaves a charming tale.... Dogalas will remain in the hearts of readers for a long time, even after they finish the book."
                                                                                                    - Mamta Madhavan            (see full review)

Roots                                                   Under the designation header 'The Chronicles of Kharathad'
    Prequel to Book 1 of the T.W.O.K. Series                              Followed by The Wizard of Kharathad (etc.)
    Date of release: Thursday, December 10, 2015
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    5.06" x 7.81" trade paperback
    330 pages (numbered pages end on 315)
    21 chapters (& an epilogue)
    100,000 words (600,000 characters) (approx.)
    Rated 5 stars by Readers' Favorite review site

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