The Chronicles of Kharathad - ROOTS by Matia ben Ephraim
First Edition                   Second Edition                            Readers' Favorite 5 stars     
Roots cover

Second Edition of Roots, featuring a new cover and print size, with different interior fonts and chapter divisions, and a Pronunciation Guide.

From the back cover:
Wizards. Dragons. Warlocks. Are they merely folktales told by the farmers of Kharathad, or do they actually exist? Such are the questions wondered by Dogalas, a young boy with a drive for the truth. Is he destined to be more than just a farmer's son, and is the world he lives in truly a magic one?

"The author weaves a charming tale.... Dogalas will remain in the hearts of readers for a long time, even after they finish the book."
                                                                                                    - Mamta Madhavan            (see full review)

Roots                                                   Under the designation header 'The Chronicles of Kharathad'
    Prequel to Book 1 of the T.W.O.K. Series                              Followed by The Wizard of Kharathad (etc.)
    Date of release: Monday, February 13, 2017
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    6" x 9" trade paperback
    400 pages (numbered pages end on 384)
    42 chapters (& an epilogue)
    100,000 words (600,000 characters) (approx.)
    Rated 5 stars by Readers' Favorite review site

    Available on Amazon and Kindle

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