Report A Typo

The Wizard of Kharathad has been read over thoroughly several times by our editing staff, but it's hard to catch everything when combing through 700 pages! If you do happen to find a valid misspelling in the course of reading it, you can report it to (along with the page number and surrounding sentence), and if it's a legitimate mistake, we'll see to it that it doesn't appear in any future editions of T.W.O.K.
(Examples are names with letters missing (Taydor), repeated words (the the), or incorrect phrases (what is if).)

Bear in mind, many words are deliberately invented or altered, and cannot be found in a regular dictionary. (See Glossary for such entries.)

Also, please don't R.A.T. out T.W.O.K. fallaciously! This service isn't intended for nitpicking about every little detail.
If you notice any misprints on this actual website, feel free to point them out as well. Nobody likes coming across typographical errors online!

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