It's T.W.O.K.'s fantastic Redo the Cover Contest!
If you're a fan with the skills for painting, then step right up and enter for your chance to have your artwork on the jacket of every future copy of The Wizard of Kharathad!
The goal is to replicate the original cover as closely as possible, but with even more realistic detail and precision of technique to lend it a lifelike semblance. Preferably using paint, on a canvas of 13"x8.75" proportions - the bigger, the better - and photographed or scanned at a high DPI resolution.
Simply send your version to, and if it fits the bill, you'll also get an honourable mention with your name on the disclaimer page inside the book. If it's particularly exceptional in accurate quality, you might even get a small cash bonus!

Good luck,
and may the TWOK be with you!

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